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Your Plastic Surgeon in Baltimore has Cosmetic Procedures for Hair Loss Jovanni G on 20 Nov 2015

Your plastic surgeon in Baltimore can help you with all of your cosmetic needs. Dr. Jeffrey Schreiber is a board-certified plastic surgeon who wants to apply a one-on-one individualized approach to your treatment. He will sit down with you and ask all the questions he needs to figure out what it is you desire and dream of. The relationship will last well after your recovery and procedure.

Cosmetic Procedures for Hair Loss

Dr. Schreiber stays on top of new techniques and innovations in the plastic surgery world. One of his specialties is in hair transplants. His procedure is customized and innovative, so the hair will look natural. The hair follicles on the back of the head are taken and relocated to the balding areas on the top of the head in a graft. There are usually 1-4 hair follicles in each graft that is placed on the scalp. This procedure is meticulous, so plan on several hours for the procedure with a local anesthetic.

Your Baltimore plastic surgeon should have the expertise, qualifications, and be somewhat of an artist. Plastic surgery is an art form and only the truly talented can create works of art that people will admire for years to come. Luckily, Dr. Schreiber is not only an expert plastic surgeon, but he is also an artist. He chose this field because it uses his skills and training and combines them with his love for art and creativity.

There are many other services that his office provides, such as breast augmentation, body contouring, facial rejuvenation, and even a tummy tuck in Baltimore, MD. Consider what it is that you would like to see improved and set up an appointment with our office to work on a plan for your future. Our office will take the time to sit down with you and plan out every step of your process, individualized just for you. Let your Plastic Surgeon in Baltimore create a work of art with you as their masterpiece.

Jovanni G

Jovanni G

Dr. Schreiber is originally from St. Louis, Missouri. He earned both his B.A. in Biology and M.D. at the University of Missouri-Kansas City Medical School. Dr. Schreiber was also a member of the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. He completed general surgery internship at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD followed by an integrated general surgery and plastic surgery residency at the Johns Hopkins Hospital/University of Maryland plastic surgery program. He received the Upjohn award for clinical research, and he has published numerous plastic surgery articles.
Jovanni G

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