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The Top 4 Reasons to Get a Baltimore Tummy Tuck This Spring Jeffrey Schreiber, MD on 14 Mar 2014

Baltimore tummy tuck patients are always asking me when the best time is to get their procedure done.  I typically recommend the winter/spring time for several reasons.  If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your belly, now’s the time to do something about it.  Why?  Here are the top 4 reasons to get a tummy tuck this spring:

1.  Exparel – Out with the pain pumps and in with Exparel!  This is the latest pain medication that is actually injected during the procedure and lasts for THREE days!  The pain pumps can be cumbersome and hard to take care of.  Exparel has significantly reduced the amount of narcotic pain pills that my patients take after a tummy tuck.

2.  Overnight stay  – Many patients have young children at home and it’s sometimes hard to get a good night’s rest after a procedure.  Therefore, we currently offer our patients an overnight stay in the hospital to help with that first night of recovery.  You’ll have a nurse available to assist you and most of all a private, quiet room!

3.  Summer is just around the corner – Recovery for a tummy tuck is usually around 7-14 days depending upon how much work is done.  This way, if you get the procedure done now you’ll have plenty of time to recovery before putting on that new bikini!

4.  Discounts – When you combine your tummy tuck with any other procedure, like a breast augmentation, then you’ll receive a nice discount on the fees.  This is true for any additional procedures, like liposuction, a breast lift, or buttock lift.

Please email me if you have any questions about a tummy tuck at  You can also fill out an appointment request found on the website or call (410) 902-9800.  For tummy tuck before and after photos, click here.


Jeffrey Schreiber, MD

Jeffrey Schreiber, MD

Dr. Schreiber is originally from St. Louis, Missouri. He earned both his B.A. in Biology and M.D. at the University of Missouri-Kansas City Medical School. Dr. Schreiber was also a member of the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. He completed general surgery internship at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD followed by an integrated general surgery and plastic surgery residency at the Johns Hopkins Hospital/University of Maryland plastic surgery program. He received the Upjohn award for clinical research, and he has published numerous plastic surgery articles.
Jeffrey Schreiber, MD