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Find out what is new and “cool” with Coolscultping! Jeffrey Schreiber, MD on 02 Mar 2017

Baltimore Coolsculpting is the latest non-surgical method for fat removal. Dr. Schreiber searched far and wide for the best in-office procedure for non-surgical fat reduction and Coolsculpting won! Patients can address diet and exercise resistant fat of the neck, arms, armpits, belly, sides, love handles, thighs, and even knees with Coolsculpting. The latest addition to the Coolsculpting regimen is the CoolMini for the neck! Now you can get rid of your double chin without surgery! The procedure is great for patients who want to remove about 25% of the fat from those areas with:

1. No surgery
2. No downtime
3. No recovery
4. No scars
5. No anesthesia
6. No kidding! 🙂

If you’re looking for a more aggressive approach to fat reduction, then Dr. Schreiber will be more than happy to discuss liposuction or a tummy tuck with you. However, Coolsculpting is easy and virtually painless! The device gently draws up the skin and fat in to a vacuum-assisted handpiece and slowly cools the skin so that the fat cells freeze and die, but the skin does not get harmed. Then, after one hour the procedure is done! If you are doing more than one area at a time, then each area is one hour. Patients typically do 2-6 sessions at one time. After an hour, you are allowed to get up and stretch. If you’re in the office around lunchtime, Dr. Schreiber provides lunch for you!

Dr. Schreiber and his staff make the entire Coolsculpting experience as comfortable and as easy as possible. Then, after your procedure is finished we will see you back in the office in 3 months to photograph your results since it takes 3 months for all of the fat to dissolve from the procedure. Coosculpting consultations are complimentary, so call (410) 205-1846 or click here to schedule your appointment!

Jeffrey Schreiber, MD

Jeffrey Schreiber, MD

Dr. Schreiber is originally from St. Louis, Missouri. He earned both his B.A. in Biology and M.D. at the University of Missouri-Kansas City Medical School. Dr. Schreiber was also a member of the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. He completed general surgery internship at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD followed by an integrated general surgery and plastic surgery residency at the Johns Hopkins Hospital/University of Maryland plastic surgery program. He received the Upjohn award for clinical research, and he has published numerous plastic surgery articles.
Jeffrey Schreiber, MD